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                Platinum Division to provide you with the best after sales service, have any questions and suggestions you can contact us.

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                Metal powder

                Absorber material Characteristic

                           ABSORBER material is made from binders , including 

                  magnetic powder and rubbers and resins and is prepared by 

                  a brand-new film forming technology.With high permeability

                  and good absorbing shielding effect,ABSORBER material are

                  widely used in mobile phones,laptops,digital cameras,reaing

                  and writing boards and other electronic equipment products.

                • Applications
                • Core Loss Curves
                • Temp.Curves
                • Frequency Curves
                • DC Bias
                • Specification

                Product Features:

                 Excellent performance in electromagnetic; 

                 Adequately elastic and easily processables; 

                 Adjustable thickness to meet different applications;

                 Halogen-free and meets the Rohs standard

                Main specifications:

                Frequency performance:


                Useage Method:


                Application occasions:


                Part Number AL ±8% Permeability Before coating                After coating Sample request PDF
                Outer dimension Inner dimension Height Outer dimension Inner dimension Height
                (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch)
                max min max max min max